A Better Broadview

A Better Broadview

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

A Better Broadview

As a Village Trustee and as Mayor, my primary mission has always been and will always be, to improve the quality of life for all residents of Broadview. To that end, I have started initiatives that will improve and enhance all Village Departments, Finance, Police, Fire, Building and Public Works. Village operations have been streamlined throughout with increased performance and exemplary customer service being demanded from all employees. Technology professionals were brought in to upgrade and in some cases replaced antiquated or obsolete programs to meet current technology requirements and demands. We are in the process of updating outdated Village Ordinances and finally; this administration has made your local government more accessible and transparent.

During this Administration’s short tenure, Broadview has experienced numerous challenges. There were the record rainfalls, record snowfalls and a windstorm that befell numerous trees in town. The Police and Fire Departments were in a demoralized state (residual effects of the 2006 layoffs) and a dismantled and uncertified Public Works Department. We have an infrastructure of roads, water and sewer systems that are aged and decaying, further we have a commercial corridor that some, consider Blighted.

In spite of all of the aforementioned challenges, we have survived! More importantly, we are turning regression into progression. We have a framework and direction for Broadview! I am encouraged but more excited about the prospects for Broadview in the immediate and distant future, here is an update:

In the last two years Broadview has seen the following:

  1. The passing of 2 balanced Budgets

  3. A complete overhaul of the Public Works Department including state certified operators for Water and CDL licensed employees.

  5. Approximately 6 miles of Road resurfacing

  7. Implementation of a Uniform Trash collection process

  9. Police and Fire contracts negotiated and settled

  11. Reduction in legacy lawsuits to a total of 3, thereby reducing legal expenses going forward.

  13. Appointment of a New Police Chief

  15. Restructuring of the Police Department

  17. Acceptance of a grant to Hire a new Police Officer

  19. The hiring of a Part Time Truck Traffic Enforcement Officer

  21. Negotiated a reduced rate for Health care expenses for employees

  23. Proactive/constructive meetings with MWRD to mitigate potential future flooding issues

  25. Inclusion in Lower Desplaines River Watershed Improvements to Addison Creek

  27. An influx of New Businesses (20 new business licenses issued) including L.A. Fitness, Ashley furniture, Deals…and more coming

  29. Implementation of a cross connection program to protect our water from contaminants 

  31. Creation of a Quasi Criminal Ordinance (reducing expenses by having more adjudication local)

There is a vision for “A Better Broadview”!   With all stakeholders working together, the vision can be realized. We will continue to create legislation and advance initiatives intended to improve or replace obsolete infrastructure and address service needs. We have already begun the process of improving our service fleets. Public Works has 2 new trucks; Police will have a total of 6 new vehicles by spring. Capital or Infrastructure projects that are currently on the table include water main and sewer replacements, street resurfacing, parking, sidewalks and alley improvements. Plans for development on Roosevelt Road are ongoing and ground breaking for some projects is scheduled as early as this summer. There is also a plan for the construction of a new pump station on 10th avenue. The current pump station is over 80 years old and pumps water to all of Broadview, Westchester, ILL National Guard, Loyola and Hines VA.  Both the current pumping station and existing infrastructure has surpassed its life expectancy.       

It is my intention to keep you informed of anything that will have a direct or indirect impact upon the quality of your life within Broadview. Information including recordings of Village Board meetings will be available for viewing on the new Village Website for your convenience.

Sherman Jones

Mayor Sherman Jones
Mayor of Village of Broadview