All members of the fire department participate in building pre-plans. Building preplans are done to ensure familiarity with the variety of buildings within the village. A pre-plan consists of locating a particular structure and inspecting that structure making note of the type of construction used, any hazards to both the tenant and responding emergency personnel and the layout of the floor plan. This information is then categorized and filed for easy retrieval by emergency personnel responding for an incident at that building.

Pre-Plan surveys provide knowledge of building layout, special processes, fire suppression features, and occupancy concerns. This knowledge greatly improves fire department operations and substantially improves both firefighter and citizen safety when suppression efforts are required. Shift personnel make sketches and write notes to complete the pre-plan.

This allows the emergency responders to be able to know the building prior to making entry. The benefit of this is that search and rescue is more efficient because command officers can direct rescuers based on their knowledge of the floor plan, prevent an emergency situation from worsening because of known hazards and provide all rescuers with the knowledge and ability to adapt should the environment change. For instance in the event of a building fire, the normal means of egress may not be available to rescuers and an alternative form of escape can now be utilized.

We perform pre-plans on all public building in the village including commercial, heavy industry and multiple tenant dwellings. The Broadview fire department continually trains pre-planning buildings year round to keep up with the influx of new business, new construction or building alterations.

The information learned helps the firefighter achieve becoming familiar with the structure, visualize how existing strategies apply to the occupancy, and aid citizens with fire prevention and life safety endeavors.