Section 11.     Amendment to Title 9, Chapter 3.

That Title 9, Chapter 3 of the Village Code is hereby amended, notwithstanding any

provision, ordinance, resolution or Village Code section to the contrary, by amending

Sections 9-3-1, 9-3-2, and 9-3-3, which Sections shall be amended as follows:


  1. Adoption: one (1) copy of which is on file in the office of the Village Clerk of the Village of Broadview, being marked and designated as the National Electrical Code, 2014 edition, be and is hereby adopted as the electrical code of the Village of Broadview.
  1. Permit Fees And Requirements:
  2. Upon application for an electrical permit, all electrical contractors shall furnish to the Building Commissioner the following:
  3. A five thousand dollar ($5,000.00) license permit bond, made to the Village, said bond to be in effect for a minimum of one year. A fifty dollar ($50.00) contractor’s registration fee good for one year and a copy of the contractor’s electrical license.
  4. A shop drawing or thorough description of the proposed work, to be supplemented with additional documentation if requested by the Building Commissioner.
  5. The name of the supervising electrician on the job site.
  6. In addition, the contractor shall pay the required permit fee, based upon the following schedule:


Electrical Fees
Additional or new circuits of 10 or less (per service) $100.00
Additional or new circuits of 11 or 20 (per service) $200.00
Additional or new circuits of 21 or 40 (per service) $400.00
Additional or new circuits of 41 or 80 (per service) $1,000.00
Additional or new circuits of 81 or more (per service) $1500.00
Installation of electrical service 400 amps or less $150.00
Installation of electrical service more than 400 amps but less than       1000 amps $300.00
Installation of electrical service 1000 amps or more $600.00
Low Voltage – Residential $75.00
Low Voltage –  Multi-Unit $100.00
Low Voltage – Industrial and Commercial $125.00
Generators – Residential $75.00
Generators – Multi-Unit $100.00
Generators – Industrial and Commercial $125.00
Repair, replacement, alteration or installation
Residential $75.00
Multi-Unit $100.00
Industrial or Commercial $125.00
Plan Review and Inspection Fees (All Trades) Cost of consultant plus 15% administrative fee


  1. Department Created, Composition, Functions: There is hereby established an Electrical Inspection Department for the regulation of the installation, alteration and use of all electrical equipment as herein provided. Said Electrical Inspection Department shall consist of the chief electrical inspector of the Village and shall be charged with the duty of enforcing the provisions of the rules and regulations relating to the installation and use of electrical equipment as provided by this Code and chapter, and shall function under the immediate supervision and control of the chief electrical inspector.


  1. Chief Electrical Inspector:
  2. Office Created, Qualifications, Appointment: There is hereby created the office of chief electrical inspector. The person chosen to fill said office shall be a competent electrician of good moral character who shall have had at least two (2) years’ experience as a journeyman in the practice of his or her trade or two (2) years’ training in a recognized college of electrical engineering, and, in addition thereto, one year of practical experience in electrical construction. He or she shall be well-versed in approved methods of electrical construction for safety to life and property, the Statutes of the State relating to electrical work, the rules and regulations issued by the Fire Marshal of Illinois under the authority of the statutes, the Electrical Code, and other installation and safety rules and standards approved by the American Engineering Standards Association; provided however, that should it not be possible to obtain any person with the aforementioned qualifications, the Village President and Board of Trustees shall appoint the Building Commissioner or such other person, at their discretion, who shall be qualified to fill the office of chief electrical inspector.
  3. Term Of Office, Bond, Oath: The chief electrical inspector shall be appointed for one year by the President and Board of Trustees and before entering upon the discharge of his duties, shall file a bond, with security to be approved by the Board in the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), payable to the Village. Said bond shall be approved by the Board of Trustees and shall be conditioned upon the faithful performance of his duties. The chief electrical inspector shall also take and subscribe an oath faithfully to discharge the duties of his or her office, which oath, together with the certificate of his appointment, shall be filed with the Village Clerk.
  4. Powers: The chief electrical inspector shall have the right during reasonable hours to enter any building in the discharge of his official duties, or for the purpose of making any inspection or test of the installation or alteration of electrical equipment contained therein, and shall have the authority to cause the turning off of any current where such electrical currents are dangerous to life or property or may interfere with the work of the Fire Department.
  5. Enforcement and Interpretation: The chief electrical inspector, supervising enforcement of this chapter has the responsibility for making interpretations of the rules for deciding upon approval of equipment and materials, and for granting special permission contemplated in a number of the rules.
  6. Inspections, Certificate of Approval: The Building Commissioner shall inspect or shall cause to be inspected all electrical equipment installed or altered, except such electrical equipment as may be lawfully exempt and shall require that it conform to the electrical regulations of National Electric Code 2014 edition. These inspections shall be made at reasonable hours to accommodate the hours of the electrical inspector’s part-time availability. It shall also be unlawful to cover up any electrical installation without having had it first inspected and approved.
  7. Extra Inspections: Where extra inspections have to be made due to inaccurate or incorrect information, failure to make necessary repairs, or faulty construction or mechanical execution of work, a fee of thirty dollars ($30.00) shall be made before the inspection.


  1. Permit Required: Upon the regular adoption of the standards and specifications, rules, and regulations, and fees referred to in subsection 9-3-1B2 of this chapter, the same shall at once become effective, and thereafter no electrical equipment shall be installed or altered except upon a permit first issued by the Electrical Inspection Department.
  2. Permit Fees: The permit fees for the issuance of electrical installation permits shall be governed by the fee schedule as set forth in 9-3-1B2.

Section 12.       Amendment to Title 9, Chapter 9

That Title 9, Chapter 9 of the Village Code is hereby amended, notwithstanding any provisions, ordinance, resolution or Village Code section to the contrary, by amending Sections 9-9-1 through 9-9-9, which Sections shall be amended as follows: