The Broadview Fire Department is a major participant with the M.A.B.A.S. Division 20 Technical Rescue Team. The Division 20 Team is comprised of approximately seventy-five (75) firefighters from towns throughout M.A.B.A.S. Division 20. The Technical Rescue Team responds to any unique rescue situations that cannot be handled by area departments. These incidents may include but are not limited to trench collapses, above or below grade rescue, confined space rescues, or building collapse.

Currently the Broadview Fire Department has five (5) members on the Division 20 TRT Team. They are as follows:

Firefighter Tom Flannery

Firefighter Duncan Lanzirotti

Firefighter Gianni D’Altorio

Firefighter Lieutenant McGivney

Firefighter Tim Beran

The team is equipped with apparatus and heavy-duty rescue equipment purchased by the Village of Broadview and M.A.B.A.S. Division 20. Team members attend team member training and team leader meetings on a monthly basis. Some of this training includes training in conjunction with local area industry or businesses where these types of incidents are more likely to happen.

The Division 20 TRT Team continued with its monthly training program. Team members meet once a month at a designated location to train on various rescue techniques, tools and equipment, and rescue scenarios. These drills keep up the team member’s skills and keep them prepared for any rescue situation they may be called upon to respond to.

Presently 3 personnel from the Division 20 TRT team have been selected to be members of the Illinois USAR Team (IL-TF1).

The Technical Rescue Team would again like to “Thank you”, the Broadview Village Board, for your support. Your help and assistance has made our team one of the most highly regarded and premier teams in the state. We will continue to provide this Village with the highest quality rescue service possible.