“The Broadview Fire Department strives for excellence in emergency preparedness and response, to enhance our customer-focused, innovative role as industry leaders, while overcoming expanding risks.” Our vision statement is the focal point of the fire department. Through continuous environmental scanning, we will analyze trends, programs, and services to provide our external and internal customers.



“The Broadview Fire Department shall provide prompt quality service to our stakeholders that promotes safety, security, enhances sustainability, and enriches quality of life through professional development and dedication to service.” Our mission statement is our roadmap. We exist as an organization to serve the citizens of Broadview. Ultimately, our customers decide the services we deliver. Our personnel have an obligation to provide those services in the most professional and efficient manner.



“The image of the department is exemplified by each individual. Our collective professionalism is the integrity of our organization. Membership within the Broadview Fire Department means each person must value the personal needs and aspirations of others and recognize the following needs:”

  • Preserving integrity through respect, honesty and personal honor of its members.
  • Maintaining competence, including the professional and personal development of one’s ability to improve their working and living conditions.
  • Providing best-in-class services that meet and exceed industry standards for excellence.
  • Enhancing predictability through properly derived, regularly reviewed and equally enforced departmental controls.
  • Providing an atmosphere that encourages honesty, camaraderie, and high regard for the common good of all.
  • Providing an ism-free climate devoid of racism, favoritism, and territorialism.
  • Embracing accountability to ensure that all members contribute to organizational success.

Everyone can make a difference. Every employee is expected to accomplish their own tasks with a sense of duty, respect, and honor to the department and their fellow employees.