The Village Administrator is a full-time employee appointed by the Mayor and Board of Trustees to serve as a Department Head and is responsible for the efficient administration of all departments.  The administrative offices  are located in Village Hall, waiting to assist residents with information and ready to answer all questions and/or concerns.

The Village Administrator provides quality services and support in employment, training, employee and labor relations, benefits, compensation, safety and risk management beyond the expectations of all employees empowering them to serve the residents and business stakeholders.

The Village Administrator is responsible for recruitment, coordination of Village-wide training programs, maintenance of personnel records, administration of employee benefits, and overseeing labor contract administration and negotiation.  Also providing employee group health and life insurance programs, oversee the Village’s General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, property and other insurance programs provided through Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust (ICRMT).

LeTisa Jones, MBA
[email protected]
Phone: 708-681-3600 ext. 260
Fax: 708-681-2018

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