Broadview Solar Sustainability

As the Village of Broadview moves toward a sustainable future, our team took great care in aligning our strategies with sustainability best practices. To achieve our objectives, we adopted the “System of  Sustainability”, a model comprised of six Priorities and two Support Pillars that promote interoperability more broadly across the spectrum of our sustainability work. (See below)

Resource Regeneration is one of six Priorities in the Village’s “System of Sustainability”, which focuses on creating a clear trajectory towards carbon neutrality and net positive energy, water, and waste. This can be accomplished in part by leveraging energy efficiency, technology advancements, and renewable energy production which reduces greenhouse gas emission.

The Village of Broadview has identified renewable energy as one of its roadmap priorities. To assist in delivering on the objectives associated with this Priority the Broadview Renewable Energy Business Collective {see details below} was developed and commissioned by Mayor Katrina Thompson.

This effort supports Broadview’s sustainability plan in at least three ways;

  • It promotes energy equity,
  • It addresses social determinants of health i.e., air quality issues, and
  • It is the first step in establishing Broadview’s renewable energy infrastructure.

The Broadview Renewable Energy Business Collective
The Broadview Renewable Energy Business Collective represents a unique public-private collaboration between the Village of Broadview and the Broadview’s industrial business stakeholders to adopt renewable energy technology. Through this collaboration, the business
stakeholders will be connected to industry consultants and experts that will guide the process from concept to completion. The adoption and implementation of said technology will deliver significant energy savings benefits, while supporting the carbon neutrality goals associated with the Village’s sustainability roadmap.

Additionally, once scaled, this design model provides baseline support to develop an expanded community solar paradigm that could extend energy savings benefits to Broadview’s residential, business, municipal and education stakeholders alike. The potential of this effort increasing the awareness and adoption of other emerging technology such as electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging is promising.

EVolve is a multi-phased initiative designed to increase awareness, access, and adoption of electric vehicles by disinvested communities. While federal and state stakeholders are placing high priority on this emerging technology, local interest, and adoption by BIPOC communities are behind pace.

The Village of Broadview will soon be announcing the launch of it’s EV Charging stations and iDrive experience. Stay tuned …

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