After the water payment due date, the penalty phase begins with the mailing of a penalty bill.  The bill has a 10% penalty assessed to the account with a due date.  The due date is noted on the bill.

Acceptable payment methods are cash, check, money order, credit card or online payment @ and select “Pay my water bill”.

After the penalty due date, the shut off phase begins.  The shut off phase has a $10.00 Administrative fee added to the account.  The account is then subject to shut off of water service.  When the water is shut off, there is a $50.00 Turn on fee assessed to the account.  In order to have the water restored, full payment including the penalty amount, plus the $10.00 Administrative fee and the $50.00 shut off fee must be paid.

Turn on fee must be paid in person inside the Village Hall during normal Village Hall office hours.

Water will be restored 24 hours by the Public Works Department once payment is received in the Water Department during normal business hours. Water will only be turned on between the hours of 7am until 10am. 

 As it relates to the Title 13, when closing on property, a final water reading must be requested within 24 hours. After the final bill has been paid, water will be shut off. Only the owner can come in to change information to get services restored.