Fire Inspector Martin Scafidi

“Our mission is to protect and preserve the lives and property of the citizens and visitors of the Village of Broadview and its surrounding communities.”

“Pre-Incident planning has allowed our Department to better understand the hazards and challenges we face daily.”



Pre-incident planning can provide valuable information about an occupancy which can improve the ability of firefighters to respond effectively to a fire or other emergency at that location. Pre-incident planning addresses vital fire protection concerns, such as: building layout including access, contents, construction details, types and locations of built-in fire protection devices. It includes all data which can have an impact on decisions or actions taken during an emergency.  Pre-plans also will be vital in the rescue of a fireman should he/she have an emergency during the incident.  Pre-incident planning should be a joint venture between emergency services personnel and the occupants/owners of the property.  A site map containing the following information is created after a interior / exterior site inspection is completed.


Occupancy Features:

  1. Doors and Windows
  2. Power Shutoff
  3. Gas/LPG Shutoff
  4. Sprinkler (FDC) Connection
  5. Fire Alarm Panel
  6. Non-Usable Doors or Windows
  7. Special Hazards (Explosives, Chemicals, Flammables)
  8. Special Fire Suppression Systems (Halon, Carbon Dioxide, Foam, FM 200)


Occupancy Info:

  1. Type of Business conducted
  2. Emergency Contact phone numbers
  3. Number or Employees
  4. Hours of Operation / Shifts
  5. Average number of Employees for each operational period


All members of the Broadview Fire Department through an established training program, review building preplans as a tabletop drill, as well as preform building walkthroughs.  This effective training provides for a prompt response by a diverse organization of career firefighters.

All fire ordinances can be found here.