Village of Broadview Fire Department

The Broadview Fire Department continues to be a premier fire department due to the commitment and devotion to duty of its members. The entire fire department team is dedicated to providing the best life safety and emergency services.

The Broadview Fire Department averages over 3,200 emergency calls annually. These calls range from emergency medical services, structure fires, hazardous materials incidents, technical rescues, and other life threatening emergencies. We also handle numerous calls for non-life threatening activities.

It is our department’s goal to reduce and control fire losses in the village, through an aggressive and comprehensive program of Fire Prevention, Public Education, Fire Suppression, and Training. The Broadview Fire Department has in all cases succeeded in implementing programs to answer these challenges while remaining focused on its main goal of protecting life and property. Training our personnel to meet these challenges will continue to be a high priority.  We strive to give the best compassionate care to all we serve.

As Fire Chief, I personally welcome any questions, concerns and, of course, compliments regarding the fire department. Please feel free to contact the department at 708-343-6124, ext. 7, or via E-Mail at