Director of Broadview Public Works

Matthew Ames

2734 South 9th Avenue

Broadview, IL 60155

Phone:  (708) 681-3602

Fax:  (708) 681-6254

Email:  [email protected]

The Public Works Department services include street, parking lot, traffic sign maintenance; tree trimming and care; street sweeping and snow plowing; branch pick-up and sewer maintenance; and repair and maintenance of water mains. Other responsibilities include repair and maintenance of Village vehicles, equipment, and Village buildings and grounds.

Office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Other responsibilities include repair and maintenance of Village vehicles and equipment, and Village buildings and grounds, see the Broadview Public Works Team in action as they service the Broadview Community:

Moving Boxes

Once you’ve unpacked your belongings, we suggest that you break down as many boxes as you can and place them on the parkway area in front of your home (the grassy section between the sidewalk and curb) on your scheduled trash collection day.

Residential Waste pick-up day is on Friday’s Village wide. 

Yard waste is collected by SBC Waste Solutions from April 1st – November 30th. SBC Waste Solutions picks up grass, leaves and other yard waste separately from household garbage. Collected yard waste is taken to a composting facility for processing. To be collected, all grass clippings and other yard waste must be placed inside a biodegradable, 2 ply, moisture-resistant, Kraft paper yard waste bag. The weight of this bag when filled should not exceed 50 pounds. Yard waste stickers must be purchased for $2.00 at Village Hall during regular business hours.

Branch and brush pick up is provided by the Public Works Department Weekly, beginning on the first Monday in April through the last Monday in October.

Brush does not require a sticker.

Leaf Pick-Up

The leaf program Begins approximately the last Monday of September each year.   The leaf program ends on November 30 each year. 

Special Pick-ups (bulky Items) – One large item may be set out on garbage day.  More than one item set out on any particular week will require a special pick-up.  Please contact SBC Waste Solutions directly to arrange for a quote for all special pickups.

Prohibited items

Rocks, sod, bales of hay, and pumpkins are refuse and should not be places in yard waste bags.


Broadview buys its supply of Lake Michigan water from the City of Chicago, and it is pumped to consumers via the Pumping Station in Broadview at 10th Avenue and Roosevelt Road, under the jurisdiction of the Broadview/Westchester Water Commission, established in 1927. A million-and-a-half gallon, overhead water tank constructed in Broadview in 1980 at 25th Avenue and Roosevelt Road assures ad adequate supply in the event of emergencies.

Water Billing

Broadview residents are billed for water, garbage, and sewer services through the Village office on a monthly basis. The bill indicates the net amount due before the due date, and the gross amount due after due date. The gross amount includes a penalty for late payment. A shut-off notice is sent after giving the consumer 21 days in which to make payment.

Partial payments are not acceptable. Incorrect payments are returned, thus risking a penalty fee. Cash is not acceptable by mail. Payment by cash mush be made in person. All “NSF” (non-sufficient funds) checks received by the Village result in an immediate shut-off of service. A $50.00 fee is required to reinstate service for ANY shut-off, except new service.