Director of Broadview Public Works

Matthew Ames

2734 South 9th Avenue

Broadview, IL 60155

Phone:  (708) 681-3602

Fax:  (708) 681-6254


The Public Works Department services include street, parking lot and traffic sign maintenance. Located at 2734 South 9th Avenue, it also oversees tree trimming and care, street sweeping and snow removal, branch and brush pick-up, sewer maintenance, and the repair and maintenance of water mains.

Other responsibilities include repair and maintenance of Village vehicles and equipment, and Village buildings and grounds, see the Broadview Public Works Team in action as they service the Broadview Community:

Last day for leaf bag collection is Dec. 1st.

Pot Hole Fills

Hot patch machine is out daily, weather permitting. Filling pot holes in our streets and alley’s.




Storm Basin Replacements

Storm basins are cleaned as part of our bi-annual sewer system cleaning. We attempt to repair collapsed basins but sometime basin replacements are necessary.

Safety Training

Public Works employees attend safety training classes once a month.  Covering such topics as blood born pathogens, traffic flagging, trench digging and shoring, etc.  Upon completion employees receive certification.



Snow Parking Restrictions

Village Ordinance prohibits street parking during the snow season, or after a two-inch snowfall, until after the streets have been cleared by Village plows.

In addition, parking in municipal lots after a two-inch snowfall is prohibited until after the lot has been cleared by Village plows.

The Police Department is authorized to have vehicles in violation of snow parking ordinances towed. The vehicle owner will be responsible for all towing and storage costs associated with these illegally parked vehicles.

Sidewalk shoveling required

Residents and businesses are urged to help improve walking conditions and public safety by removing snow and ice from sidewalks after a storm. Village ordinance requires snow and ice to be removed from the public sidewalk within 24 hours following any snow, sleet or freezing rain. If the snow or ice has become so hard that it cannot be removed without damaging the sidewalk, then sand, salt or other abrasive material may be used to make pedestrian travel reasonably safe. Being a good neighbor is important, too, so property owners are urged to help those who may need help clearing a sidewalk. Failure to clear a sidewalk fronting or abutting one’s property could lead to a ticket and fine.

During winter the Public Works Department is often able to clear the sidewalks of snow using our trackless vehicle.  Please do not block or obstruct the sidewalk in any manner.  It is prohibited by Village ordinance 8-2-9: PROHIBITED ACTS AND CONDITIONS: B. Obstructions:

” It shall be unlawful for any person to obstruct in any manner any street, alley or sidewalk. The Chief of Police is authorized to remove or cause the removal of any obstruction in any such place.”