General Provisions  |  Please follow these container guidelines:

You may set out a limitless amount of recycling containers for collection.  We ONLY accept 1 (one) 65 Gallon Recycle Tote

Stickers are not required on recycling containers.

Recycling containers should be left for the new homeowner in the event that you should move.

Preparation of Materials  – follow these guidelines when preparing recyclable materials:

  1. Non-paper materials may be commingled inside your recycling container.
  2. Do not place recyclable materials in plastic grocery bags.
  3. All recyclable materials should be rinsed free of food with caps and lids removed.
  4. Paper items do not need to be separated from non-paper items.
  5. Flatten all corrugated cardboard boxes, paperboard, and wet strength carrier stock, and remove any non-paper packing material.

Electronic Recycling program 

The Village of Broadview participates in keeping electronics out of landfills and helping keep the earth green. We responsibly recycle old electronic equipment that cannot be reused. If you have any items that you would like to dispose of check the list of (download Electronic Recycling .pdf shown above), then if your item is listed as acceptable you can drop it off at one of our drop bins:

2734 S. 9th Ave – Public Works