The largest single component within the Broadview Police Department is the
Patrol Bureau. The Patrol Bureau is responsible for responding to emergency and
non-emergency calls for service for the public, handling special assignments, and
proactively addressing community concerns.

The Patrol Bureau is divided into two “pods” of officers who alternate 12 hours
shifts in order to provide continuous 24 hour police services. Each shift is
supervised by a Sergeant. The number of officers allocated to each shift is based on
a staffing allocation formula that focuses on calls for services and activity levels.
In addition, the Village is divided into eight beats, with beat staffing tailored to
meet the needs of that particular area.

The Operations Division is overseen by the Operations Lieutenant, who is
responsible for all Patrol Officers, their schedule and their performance. Within the
Operations Division are the Patrol and Detective Bureaus, each supervised by
Sergeants. The Division Lieutenant reports to the Deputy Chief, who in turn
reports to the Chief of Police.