The Broadview Fire Department Paramedics and EMT-B’s are supervised by EMS Coordinator, Firefighter/Paramedic Alec Stevens. Broadview Fire Department provides Fire and Ambulance service to: MABAS Division XX, Loyola University Medical Center, J.J. Madden Mental Health Center, Hines V.A. Hospital. There are currently 26 paramedics in the Loyola system within the Broadview Fire Department. The Broadview Fire Department continues to work with the Loyola EMS system under the Direction of MD Mark Cichon.

Zoll X Series Heart Monitor

Stryker Power Load Stretcher

Lucas 3 device

The Broadview Fire Department offers the most advanced equipment for Pre-Hospital Care. Our Ambulance and Engine are both equipped with Lucas Devices, automated CPR devices that do compressions along with several other advanced life-saving tools to help our paramedics get the job done.