The Broadview Fire Department Paramedics and EMT-B’s are supervised by EMS Coordinator, Firefighter/Paramedic Tom Flannery.

Broadview Fire Department provides Fire and Ambulance service to:

MABAS Division XX

Loyola University Medical Center

J.J. Madden Mental Health Center

Hines V.A. Hospital

There are currently 24 paramedics in the Loyola system.

The Broadview Fire Department continues to work with the Loyola EMS system under the Direction of MD Mark Cichon.  Loyola has benefitted us in so many ways. Our Medics are constantly being educated through CE and direct review of reports by Loyola staff. We have become a completely paperless EMS system. All reports are sent directly into the Loyola computer system as well as saved on Flash drives in the Fire department. This has cut down on paper cost as well as the need for storage space.

Continuing Education in EMS – all paramedics are educated and the class is formatted to meet pre-hospital care.

The entire EMS crew is educated once a month in subjects pertaining to new and or changes within the EMS system. Region eight, which is a collaboration of several local hospitals (Loyola, Good Samaritan, Edwards, and Central Du Page) create power points as a learning tool as well as hands on instruction.

We have also added self study EMS. We pick hot topics in the fire service, from safety to extrication that benefit us in the EMS service. If the topic involves hands on training, other departments join us in the drill and also receive credit if they are within the system. Each member usually receives one credit after filling out Loyola paperwork for each study session.