I’m honored to welcome you to Broadview.

As Mayor, I’m committed to working cooperatively with the pillars of our community: our library, our park district, our schools and our local businesses. Together, we’re building a vibrant village that is lively, diverse, neighborly and safe. Broadview is a perfect place to raise a family or open a business. If you have any questions about our community, please feel free to explore this website or reach out to us at [email protected].


First elected the seventh Mayor of the Village of Broadview in a five-person race with 44% of the vote on April 4, 2017, Katrina Thompson became the first African American female mayor of the village. In the 2021 election contest against a former mayor, Mayor Thompson was elected to a second term with 71% of the vote.

As Mayor, Thompson has fully embraced the power of partnership and alliance building with ordinary citizens as well as the major stakeholders within Broadview and with surrounding communities, including the City of Chicago, and the State of Illinois. In that spirit of collaboration, Mayor Thompson has committed both her time and her energy to serving the community of Broadview.  The mayor is promoting and creating unity. She is aiming to develop a vibrant local economy of thriving businesses. She is working to build strong and safe neighborhoods. She is seeking to create a greener Broadview.

In Mayor Thompson’s first term, she has prioritized key agenda items:

  •  The stability of the Broadview sales tax base.
  •  Managing the increasing fire and police pension obligations, rising municipal healthcare costs, funding for vehicles, equipment, and building capital repairs.
  • Investing in Broadview street, alley improvements and other infrastructure projects.
  • A dialogue of racial healing between Broadview residents and the Village of Broadview Police Department.
  • Conservative village budgeting to protect taxpayers’ wallets.
  • A community conversation on the senior housing project and the Amazon warehouse.
  • Managing the COVID19 pandemic, assuring that sufficient testing, vaccine distribution, and small business financial support is available in Broadview.

With her agenda, the Mayor has sought to not only meet the basic needs of Broadview residents, but also to provide a safe, strong community where its residents feel included and where businesses can flourish.

Beyond the Village of Broadview, Ms. Thompson has served and serves on multiple boards and commissions in multiple regional organizations, including: former President of the Proviso Municipal League; Cook County Land Bank Board of Directors; Triton College Foundation Board; West Central Municipal League Executive/Legislative Committee; Visit Oak Park Board; Proviso Leyden Council for Community Action, Inc. (PLCCA) Board of Directors; Black Men United Board